brady’s paradise 2015.06.30

my front yard for the next five weeks –

ns front yard

nova scotia 2015.06.29

fifteen hundred miles of driving since friday and we arrived in chester, nova scotia last night.

i would have liked to share a picture of our sea front view, but the horizontal rain relatively chilly temperatures when we arrived discouraged that.

as i looked out the window i could hear in my imagination george castanza saying “the sea was angry that day my friends…”

retired… 2015.06.25

i have had the same wallet for more than 16 years, longer than i’ve been with my wife.

i have loved this wallet for its compact size and perfect utility, but finally decided it was a bit too dilapidated to keep any longer. while transferring my cards from my old wallet to the new, i laughed to see that my wallet had outlasted blockbuster (you know that building where people used to go to rent vhs tapes – don’t even ask me what a vhs tape is…)

retired wallet

overnight, away camp 2015.06.24

after much anticipation – logan finally got to attend overnight, away camp

50% weird 2015.06.23

ethan at weird al’s mandatory fun tour

turn the page 2015.06.22

friday night at 7:00 pm i left my old job.

sunday afternoon at 12:00 pm i left home for the airport on the way to a new job.

41 hours between jobs is not the way i would have scripted a career change, but if i told you my schedule for the remainder of the week you would know this is the least chaotic of it all.

schools out for summer 2015.06.11

after the final snow make-up day, today will be the last day of this school year.

in celebration, logan will be attending a pool party immediately after and have a sleep over. the next day a birthday party (again with optional sleep over) and then head off to a week of girlscout camp.

for ethan we have rented laser tag guns and he will have his friends over after school and then sleep over. come monday he starts drama camp with his favorite art / drama teacher.

the end of year gifts have all been handed out (with this drawing of logan standing out as exceptional).

the graduation ceremonies been had (with this tribute to today’s kids of a graduation selfie)

let summer begin…

fifth grade commencement

today is ethan’s fifth grade commencement. and tomorrow will be his last day of elementary school.

ethan said his teacher was tearing up at the commencement rehearsals and is wondering what to expect at the actual ceremony.

it seems like this should feel like a milestone event to me, but it doesn’t. however, the thought of ethan at a separate school than his sister, a middle school, that seems like a big deal.

all in 2015.06.10

i am way more wrapped up in this year’s nba finals than i like to admit.

i was in cleveland when lebron originally started playing for the cavaliers. i lost a house there, literally.

i thirst for a cleveland championship like someone who grew up on the banks of the burning cuyahoga river…

more sign language awesomeness 2015.05.29

need more? see previous post: we’re going to be friends, the white stripes

google yourself 2015.05.28

fifth graders are already googling their names and those of their classmates. so far, not many have a large foot print on the internet but to ethan’s dismay i have put a few pictures out there that his classmates have found.

on the plus side reviewing the contributions of these other people with my son’s name gave plenty of evidence to support my argument of over-sharing and not making a fool of yourself online. too bad none of these folks had such a wise father counseling them.

no assigned seats 2015.05.27

the kids have been studying persuasive essays at school so last week logan and her friend tessa took all that fine education and put it to good use –

assigned seats

no assigned seats
By: Tessa and Logan

In our opinion there should be no assigned seats at lunch. First, lunch is a time to catch up on the latest news with your friends. Secondly, during class we will talk more if we can’t share our ideas with friends during lunch. Finally, we might be sitting with someone who teases or taunts you.

There is a really fun project in science you can’t wait to tell your friend at lunch oh wait you can’t you have assigned seats. Kids need time to talk and before you say recess I will stop you first recess is time to get active so we don’t have a lot of energy for moving so we can focus our energy on learning.

“Guys she will put on the timer” we are sick of hearing that and so are the teachers. So why is it happening. We are talking. So if you give us assigned sets this is going to happen even more. Kids need to talk at lunch instead of your class time.

What’s with your outfit? you have been hearing that for the past week and why? You got an assigned seat and now your getting bullied these girls have been teasing you and you can’t move to a different seat. And you have the freedom of speech and (hopefully) seats so speak up and sit down.

That is why there should be able to sit down where you want. First, lunch is a time where you catch up on the latest news with your friends. Secondly, during class we will talk more if we can’t share our ideas with friends during lunch. Finally, we might be sitting with someone who teases or taunts you. that is why assigned seats are a abomination! :(

the essay and signatures carried the day and there is no longer assigned seats at lunch.

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