last comment on the end 2016.08.26

thirty five plus years since the first time i heard iron man by black sabbath on a small transistor radio, i still feel giddy like a 12 year old boy listening to loud, rock and roll music.

another loss to screens 2016.08.25

yes, i’ll be talking about the black sabbath concert all week.

i was very excited to see the concert as the first time i saw ozzy osbourne he put on an amazing stage show.

but like the last concert i saw, the amazing stage show has given way to on screen videos.

clearly, this is less expensive and allows for things that can’t be done on stage. however, i’ve seen both, and sets, fireworks and staging kick ass all over anything i’ve seen on a screen.

another loss to the age of screens.

the beginning in seattle 2016.08.24

in 1982 i went to my first concert. it was the ozzy osbourne diary of a madman tour.

as a young teen, my mother prohibited me from seeing the show, ozzy being a satanist and all. but, playing my part in the dysfunctional family, i went anyway.

the show was within days of my birthday. clearly i was meant to be there.

its ironic in a household where there was so much opportunity for improvement this became an issue to contend with. in my household now we have tons of rules and structure and i bought the tickets to take the kids to see ozzy with black sabbath.

i can tell you where evil lives, and its not on the tracks of rock band records…

love is… 2016.08.23

love is your wife volunteering to wait in the horrendously long merchandise line, so you don’t have to miss a minute of the show to get the perfect tour shirt.

black sabbath the end tour shirt

the end in bristow 2016.08.22

ozzy’s old, he’s slow, he can’t much sing, but the band, especially the drummer, sounded amazing and don’t even try convincing the guy two rows back from us that black sabbath doesn’t still rock your face off!

black sabbath - the end

arnarfjörður 2016.08.05

the answer to “am i happy to be back in the u.s.?”

coexist 2016.08.04

i know two people who sport this bumper sticker on their car


and what you need to know about both of them is they think ‘coexisting’ is you conforming to their ideas, not that there is anything required on their part…

not a problem i face on the job 2016.08.03

natalie: i think i may need to wash my coat.

matthew: why do you say ‘may need to wash it’?

natalie: i’m not sure, but it might have come in contact with fecal matter.

matthew: why don’t you just put it in the wash then…

trolls in the hills 2016.08.02

in iceland the hills are alive, but not with music…

hundafoss 2016.08.01

ethan at hundafoss

bolafjall 2016.07.29

bolafjall, maybe.

at least, a sign at bolafjall.

sólfar (sun voyager) 2016.07.28

sólfar (sun voyager) on sæbraut road in reykjavík

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