jackson – day 1 2015.03.02

if you have ever been to jackson, wyoming – you know from the minute you leave the plane and walk down the jetway stairs, a camera is a requirement.

i didn’t have one, but a quick trip to the local camera shop resolved that issue.

a few hours later we saw these coyotes hunting in a field and from my point of view, the camera paid for itself in the first dozen pictures…


schools out forever 2015.02.20

ever since the first threat of snow on monday night that ultimately squandered school on tuesday, the kids have been talking about how great it would be to have a nine day weekend.

today they got their wish, and that original inch and a half of snow / ice has managed to cancel school for four straight days. you can tell parents are a bit incredulous at all the cancellations based on the exhaustive justification the district sent out –

due to icy parking lots and walkways, dangerously low temperatures, buses that have trouble starting and heating issues in multiple older buildings…

day 5 2015.02.18

monday was president’s day – no school.

tuesday we had an inch and a half of ice everywhere – no school.

while we were standing at the bottom of the largest hill in the neighborhood waiting for our kids to coming sledding down and friend’s car came by.

surprised – we asked “where are you going?”

his answer “coffee”

not because there isn’t coffee in his house, but he preferred to brave ice encrusted roads for some time alone rather than another minute at home with the kids.

i’m sure the robo calls announcing another day without school tomorrow were met with screams aloud from kids and parents alike, no matter that each were for different reasons.

no bonus lives 2015.02.17

we were riding through the woods with a friend who just recently got his first mountain bike, he said

“this is like playing a video game”

to which another friend replied

“but you only have one life!”

president’s day 2015.02.16

i don’t have the day off today as i don’t work at the bank, attend school or deliver mail.

but even my son who is benefiting from the day off school in honor of president’s day is wondering how this ever got to be a holiday.

and coming off the heels of another bogus holiday, valentine’s day, doesn’t help the cause.

its all for me 2015.02.13

when the cashier at the asian market asks if you own a restaurant based on the number of coffee cans in your cart, you may have a caffeine problem…

nuclear bomb power 2015.02.11

i don’t know the original source for this, but it may be the only thing scarier than all those big-eyed beanie-boos staring at logan

nuclear bomb power

creepy camp site 2015.02.10

logan’s creepy in-house camp site

lions and tigers and bears, oh my! 2015.02.09

ethan, as the cowardly lion in his school’s production of the wizard of oz.

last week tonight 2015.02.06

if you’re not watching this already, you should be. its the greatest thing on tv besides game of thrones and needs no improvements…

rumble 2015.02.05

on the road outside our neighborhood is a nasty, ninety-degree turn. coming from one direction the hair pin turn is at the end of a long straight away. even though the straight bit is in a school zone there are few other roads, driveways or other things that would discourage folks from speeding, so there is a lot of speeding on this road.

shortly after we moved in to the neighborhood, a week before high school graduation a senior who lived in the neighborhood crashed just before the corner. the boy survived but was never the same. i never pass that corner or his house without thinking of him.

a couple of months ago another car crashed on that corner but this accident also took out the train signal on the corner. what nasty, hair pin turn would be complete without a train crossing as well?

shortly after that accident they put down rumble strips on the road. the raised painted lines vibrate the car and rumble in your ear. there are two large sets of them before the corner.

it wasn’t my son who’s life that was ruined on that stretch of road but i’m baffled that a loss of property, not life inspired a safety measure to be installed on that road…

lemonades 2015.02.04

we have a girl scout in the house and for the first time we are experiencing girl scout cookie sales from the inside.

there is a lot more to tell here, but today’s memory is logan returning from her first day of door to door selling and exclaiming “the lemonades are for the old people, they love ‘em!”

so, never having tried a lemonade girl scout cookie, i bought a box (plus, as a parent i’m obligated to order like 200 cases of cookies).

i’d say i liked them a lot, but only if it doesn’t make me an old people.

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