a man’s world 2016.09.23

the entirety of wall street packaged junk securities, stole billings, caused a decade long financial crisis and only martha stuart goes to jail.

unc student athletes complete bogus ‘paper classes’ to maintain academic eligibility and 75 year old deborah crowder takes the fall.

after so many male officers ‘justifiably’ kill black men, a female officer in tulsa does the same and here is how that story read:

according to court documents, the officer, betty jo shelby, 42, was overcome with fear that the man, terence crutcher, 40, who was not responding to her commands and was walking away from her with his hands up, was going to kill her.

an investigator with the tulsa county district attorney’s office said in an affidavit that officer shelby became “emotionally involved to the point that she overreacted” and fired her weapon even though she “was not able to see any weapons or bulges indicating” that mr. crutcher had a gun.

“fear”, “emotionally involved”, and “overreacted” – is this ever the language used when a man does exactly the same thing?

sierra 2016.09.22

yep, i was senseless enough to click upgrade the instant i saw sierra was out…

yep, its kind of fun talking to siri…

yep, not much else noticeably noteworthy in there…


if i only had a brain 2016.09.21

ever since hilary’s collapse, health has been on the forefront of the voters’ minds…

dr. oz had trump on. i think that was the wrong oz.

trump doesn’t need a doctor, he needs a brain.

bill maher on real time with bill maher
16 september 2016

11 years old 2016.09.20

logan’s 11th birthday

13 years old 2016.09.19

ethan’s 13th birthday

definition of a first world problem 2016.09.15

i sat down in the least populated section of the dealership to wait for my car to complete an oil change. i didn’t notice at first the lady across from me was on a cell phone but suddenly, in a high, shrill pitched whine she said:

“mummy, this is what you have to tell charles. you can only be in one gourmet dining group.”

as i heard this i thought “must be tough having these first world problems”, but as i write this account, i wonder if the same couldn’t be said of me…

a night divided 2016.09.14
author: jennifer a. nielsen

we got a kindle paperwhite and i wanted to try it out so i read this book which we already had. its not a bad story, but its a young adult’s book and a bit far-fetched so now i have to find something that merits the time i plan to spend enjoying my fancy new electronic.

from the author: it was a busy morning, with the street full of trabants, the bulky, inexpensive eastern cars that were about as reliable as snow in july. the common joke said that the best feature of any trabant was the heater in back, which would warm your hands as you pushed it home.

no fantasy 2016.09.13

the monday night football game with pittsburgh against washington was the perfect example of why i hate fantasy football.

i will always root against washington until they rename the team, but i have desean jackson on my team and my opponent had ben roethlisberger – so my desire to win my fantasy football match is at odds with my preference for the outcome of the game.

worse yet, with only a few second left in the first half, roethlisberger threw to the end zone where the ball bounced off his intended target’s face and ricocheted in to eli rogers hands for his first ever nfl touchdown.

where there should have been joy and amazement at big ben’s uncanny good luck, there was only groaning as touchdown passes for ben equal more points for my fantasy opponent…

only an insult in our house 2016.09.12

“she’s all upbeat and positive”

“so, you hate her”


social listening 2016.09.10

i’ve been a bit lax lately on the continuing education front. i had lunch with a friend who is dialed in with technology recruiting and placement and she told me that “social listening” is actually a skill employers are seeking. “social listening” is a euphemism for reading facebook and twitter posts.

this was quite funny to me as i would want to fire someone for reading facebook or twitter at work, not congratulate them on rounding out their skill set.

i’ll take 1,000 2016.09.09

i get that styles change faster than i want to jump on board, so i buy 3 or 4 pair of the shorts, shoes or shirts i like.

but now, i can’t even routinely get the food i like at the store. last year they discontinued the all natural tomato sauce we liked. we bought all they had in three stores so there are around 40 jars of it in our house.

two weeks ago my favorite breakfast cereal disappeared off the shelf to be replaced by more sugary alternatives.

clearly i’m going to have to start buying anything i like in thousand quantities…

new != better 2016.09.08

i used to be surprised when people said they had a new improved computer service that seemed to perform half as well as the service they replaced. now, its pretty much what i expect.

most recently, our school district replaced the existing bus routing process with modern, computer generated routes. two weeks in and after a heap of manual intervention and complaints from parents we’re all celebrating when buses are only 15 minutes late.

the other day while waiting for our tardy bus a retired neighbor asked “has something changed with the school buses?” he had noticed that there seem to be many more buses coming in to the neighborhood and they were doing some weird three point turns down cul-de-sacs. i told him this was our new, improved bus system.

he replied “i guess they don’t teach “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” in college any more”

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