lies, damn lies and statistics 2015.10.02

earlier this week there was a “congressional hearing” to review services provided by planned parenthood. republican representative jason chaffetz of utah who chairs the house committee on oversight and government reform presented the following slide:

chaffetz explained the slide with this:

planned parenthood fiction

“well, it is the reduction over the course of years — in pink, that’s the reduction in the breast exams — and the red is the increase in the abortions. that’s what’s going on in the organization.”

take a look at the slide carefully and see if you see anything wrong with it.

charles gaba fixed the slide so that it 1) not only had the correct data, but 2) accurately reflected the scale of the numbers presented (the original slide has the number of abortions crossing screening services even when the total 327,000 < 935,573): planned parenthood fact

i think the chair of the house committee on oversight and government reform should go after the ass clown who tried to present this slide as representative facts – oh right, it was the chair of the house committee on oversight and government reform who presented the slide…

see the full article at dailykos

not in september… 2015.10.01

we had dinner at a thai restaurant in a strip mall last night and it was taking the kids so long to finish i decided to walk over to a nearby bike shop.

on the way over i saw not one, but two stores with christmas products in the window. its september… we haven’t even gotten past halloween yet, let alone thanksgiving.

i don’t believe there ever was a war on christmas, but clearly there needs to be.

decennial massage 2015.09.30

years ago a friend got me an hour long massage for my birthday. he insisted it would be more enjoyable than creepy and he was right.

its taken three months of being tantalized by a 60% off, hour long sports massage coupon for me to finally schedule a second massage. today at 1:00 pm that’s where i’ll be.

i’m as much gloating about my afternoon plans as excited to have a use for the word ‘decennial’.

gone to the dogs 2015.09.29

our neighborhood is turning over and many of the older families whose kids have grown have moved out to be replaced by younger families with small kids.

i would think that having kids was work enough, but for some reason all these families are getting dogs.

i’ve done my part to share all the reasons why owning a dog is undesirable but thus far i have not swayed one person.

so, while i may not be the grumpy neighbor who yells “get off my lawn” i have become the grumpy neighbor who hates everyone’s dog.

study that 2015.09.28

logan participated in a university study this weekend.

beforehand she had to respond to a questionnaire full of questions like this:

how often do your parents regulate how much tv you watch?

how often do your parents regulate which games you play on electronic devices?

of course she answered never because we don’t watch tv or play on electronic devices, but i’m not sure that is what they were getting at with the questions.

then she went to the on-site portion of the study where they showed her a movie and let her pick out foods afterwards.

again, the test wasn’t well suited to our daughter.

they offered her cheesy puffs which of course she turned down. but had they been potato chips, popcorn or any other snack food she would have been all over it.

they offered her orange slices and bananas as fruit – but she favors apples; pineapple and cantaloupe.

i’m not certain what they were hoping to observe but watching our child navigate this study makes you realize how import a large sample size is for any credible findings.

sky blaster slingshot 2015.09.24

nothing new to post as we were busy making one of these –

not my fantasy 2015.09.22

i don’t know why anyone is a fan of fantasy football – let alone it is a craze.

my first experience with it was to keep in touch with friends over seas. keeping in contact was fun, playing fantasy football was not.

my second and current experience is to play with our neighborhood. again, i enjoy some smack talk with the neighbors but i’m not really enjoying the fantasy.

i might like it more if the automated draft hadn’t decided to pick three ineligible players for my team during the first three rounds, and no quarterback until the fifth round after all the quality quarterbacks were gone.

this week my opponent’s active roster crushed mine and they had more points on the bench than my active + bench combined… never mind they never adjusted their roster and didn’t even know if their starters were healthy and playing.

where did all the young people go? 2015.09.21

i’m really getting a lot of mileage out of the middle school open house last week, but this will be my last observation on it.

when we went to elementary school events, all the parents looked like normal people.

all the sudden, when you see the middle school parents it looks like a bunch of old people in the room. i kept expecting to hear someone call out “bingo!”

you can always blame the internet 2015.09.18

another curious event at the middle school open house earlier in the week was having one of the parents get up and introduce herself as “ashley madison”

a few months ago no one would have thought a thing about it, but now thanks to the internet she has to roll her eyes in that “yes i know” kind of way every time she says her name…

music to my ears 2015.09.17

our son started middle school this year and last night was the beginning of the year open house.

one of his teachers had this to say –

i used to teach high school, but decided i wanted to be a part of a child’s life at this important and dynamic time. i thought to myself ‘if only i had known anakin skywalker when he was in middle school, i could have saved the universe a lot of trouble’

i’m not saying my son is anakin skywalker – rather, i’m glad to see someone at the school who understands that learning is a full contact sport.

why do they always call me lamo? 2015.09.14

at a family birthday party we were talking about “kids these days” with all the texting and acronyms when one of the grandparents said he finally had to ask why the grandkids kept calling him a lamo –

they were texting “lmao”

what time is it? 2015.09.10

a few months ago i started working for a company headquartered in the mountain time zone.

i have worked cross time zones before and my strategy has been to set my work computer to the timezone at the office so its easy to relate to their local time.

then, a few weeks ago i got assigned to work with a development group in ireland that is obviously in a third time zone.

so now, i get meeting invites from people in timezone a -> that my computer schedules in timezone c -> that i need to attend in timezone b. what could go wrong?

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