joining the real world 2015.08.25

the kids returned to school yesterday and for ethan it was his first day in middle school.

my favorite story of the day surrounded his shoes.

if i told you i wasn’t a fan of crocs you may not believe me as both of my kids have mostly worn crocs since they could walk. its not my fault really because someone else gave ethan his first pair of mock-crocs. those shoes went with us to new zealand and were amazing. he had them all year and wore them in all conditions. they were indestructible, amphibious and requiring no training to tie laces.

so, our kids have been wearing crocs almost every day since.

apparently its not cool to wear crocs in middle school. ethan said he was walking down the hall and was getting all kinds of comments on his shoes “hey, what’s on your feet”, “time to join the real world”.

he thought all the comments were great fun but has asked if we can get him some ‘real’ shoes now…

mahone bay nova scotia 2015.08.19

the classic shot of mahone bay, nova scotia.

guns, germs, and steel 2015.08.17
author: jared diamond

from wikipedia: the book attempts to explain why eurasian civilizations (including north africa) have survived and conquered others, while arguing against the idea that eurasian hegemony is due to any form of eurasian intellectual, moral, or inherent genetic superiority.

i won’t give away any of the theories presented in the book, but will say it wasn’t only guns, germs and steel. the question to the author below is what inspired the research behind the book.

from the author: yali asked, using the local term “cargo” for inventions and manufactured goods, “why is it that you white people developed so much cargo and brought it to new guinea, but we black people had little cargo of our own?”

who me? 2015.08.13

i was prompted by a recent article on online identity to google my name and check out the images associated with the search result. i was pleasantly surprised to find there weren’t any pictures of me.

i was even more pleased to see these pictures sprinkled in the top results.






the trend continues 2015.08.12

to leave every year on our trips around the country and world takes a significant amount of effort, both in planning and execution.

a few years ago natalie noted that regardless of any effort put in to the departure, we had never regretted going on any of the trips. in fact, we had always been extremely grateful to have been able to make the trip.

a few other observations that have proven universal:

  • bike shops are fantastic resources – for meeting good people, learning about the area and always have something unique for sale
  • we’re much more ambitious to enjoy a place we are visiting than we are at home – it makes me laugh when we ask locals about their must see attractions and they say “i don’t know, i’ve never been” because that’s how i respond when asked about many of the attractions near our home
  • no matter what, people always claim its the hottest, driest, wettest, coldest, windiest, bug infested or some other extreme while we are visiting. we have never been somewhere and had everyone say “its always like this”
not as sexy as it sounds 2015.08.11

i called my aunt to let her know i was on my way to drop off logan.

she said “great, i’ll be out on the front porch stripping”

fortunately, i already knew she was stripping paint from the front porch otherwise i might have second guessed dropping my daughter off with an exhibitionist aunt.

3-2-1-0 2015.08.10

yesterday we dropped ethan off for a week of sleep-over camp.

today i’m taking logan to mezzie’s house in the mountains where she’ll stay for the rest of the week.

tomorrow natalie flies out of town to visit friends.

tuesday night, the debauchery of cooking dinner for one and reading a book before 9:00 pm starts. i know, slow down right…

gaff point 2015.07.30

our last walk on the beach at gaff point

halifax citadel 2015.07.29

ethan touring the citadel in halifax

peggy’s cove 2015.07.28

the first lighthouse we visited in nova scotia.

gay vader 2015.07.27

a second darth vader attempts to off logan…

what’s her name? 2015.07.23

on our annual trips we come in contact with lots of new people and half the fun of meeting all these new people is introducing our daughters.

we actually only have one daughter, but our long haired son is more often than not greeted as a girl.

the most fun occurs with other children. today when we dropped ethan off at mountain bike camp, a girl came over and enthusiastically introduced herself. she was thrilled to have two new girls in the class. when she heard ethan’s name she said “that’s a cool name” at this point natalie felt obligated to let her know ethan was a boy.

by afternoon, kids were still asking logan “what’s her name” referring to ethan. they were wondering “her name” even after he swam in the pool without a top in shorts only.

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