all wet 2015.05.22

this morning at 5:00 am i dropped ethan off at school for an all day field trip to the beach. they have been taking the fifth grade class to the beach for as long as we’ve been at the school and for the most part i love everything about it (although i can’t imagine chaperoning the event).

however, i’m distressed by the ‘what to bring’ list that includes ‘electronic devices (ipods, etc.)’

this is on the same sheet that repeatedly warns to not bring anything valuable or which can not get wet.

its bad enough all the electronic noise that has replaced other classroom activities, but now they want to ruin field trips too. how do they expect the kids to develop loathing for ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall and other fabulous bus / camp songs without proper long, dull bus rides?

state slams 2015.05.14

earlier this week i heard a great state slam:

why do they say oklahoma is ok? because they can’t spell mediocre.

my previous favorite had been:

what does iowa stand for? idiots out walking around.

act my age 2015.05.13

in response to my post on monday about completing a half marathon, i got this –

at 45, you should not be running or swimming. rather, you should go out and buy a convertible :-)

clearly, from someone smarter and wiser than myself.

content 2015.05.12

one of the best things about being generally discontent and irritable is how it feels to be satisfied and content.

i always have massive amounts of gratitude for a life that has turned out awesome beyond my wildest expectations.

but i revel in a bit of discontent with a dab of anger as the fuel that drives change and improvement.

13.1 2015.05.11

i know people who aren’t masochistic don’t care to hear others’ fitness achievements, but before september 2012 i had never run for sport. then i discovered it was a great way to get in a lot of exercise in a relatively short period of time. but my body hated me for doing it.

i had a number of aches and pains especially when i tried to get past the 10k mark. after missing the goal to complete a half marathon by 12/2014 due to all kinds of leg mechanic issues i never thought i would hit this objective. but i finally got smart about how to train and completed a half marathon (13.1 miles) last week in 1:55. this was especially sweet because in the same week i swam my fastest 2,000 yards (38 minutes).

all of this began as a response to turning forty-five and deciding if i was going to feel old and tired, i was going to have a laundry list of reasons why – none of which would be age.

next on the list is to bike a double century (200 miles) in one day.

harriet the spy 2015.05.07
author: louise fitzhugh

this is the second book i read as a volunteer for book club at my kid’s school. unlike before when i was with the fifth grade class, this session is with third graders. book club is a great place to see the difference in development between third and fifth graders. not only in their intellectual dissection of a narrative but also in their social interactions. i’ve also heard the word ‘fart’ far more times with the third graders than the zero times i heard it with the fifth graders.

i have long known of this title, but never read the book. i have to admit to being largely disappointed in the conclusion and even had to ask the librarian if i missed something. she smiled and said she didn’t think so and could only offer ‘it was written in a different time’. all the same, ole golly made up for the lacking in other characters and collectively we agreed she was the star of the story.

from the author: even though she hurried she still went through the same routine she went through every morning. she loved routine so much that ole golly had always had to watch her to see that she didn’t put on the same clothes as the day before. they always seemed to harriet to fit better after she had worn them for a while.

expressive 2015.05.05

i wish i had better recall of the unique way our kids have described things before they knew there was an existing standard. just this weekend we had:

“funeral class rain” for a gloomy, drizzling day

“stretch my face” for pinching a cheek

dude’s weekend 2015.05.04

natalie and logan were at girl scout camp from friday to sunday which left ethan and i home alone.

friday, i left work a bit early and played ethan’s favorite video game with him, went to dinner at our favorite restaurant and then came home to watch a movie he has been waiting to see that we weren’t ready to share with logan.

at the end of the night, ethan said “this is the best weekend ever, and there are two more days left!”

its sweet when doing everything he wants is also my first choice. ethan doesn’t recall our weekend in queenstown with the whole family and caro that truly was the greatest weekend every, but this wasn’t far behind.

each one more valuable than the last 2015.05.01

i don’t know when or how kids get the memo that it is no longer cool to hug or say they love you in front of other people, but so far my kids haven’t gotten it.

this feels particularly pleasant in the case of our 11 year old as we have seen that some of his friends did get the memo.

so each time i get that squeeze or hear ‘i love you’ i relish it as if it could be the last.

what is the first time that ever happened 2015.04.29

our neighbor’s daughter made the cut to appear on jeopardy and recently they aired the show.

i have never seen an entire episode of jeopardy before, but i’ll say this – if someone i knew were always on, i would watch every day.

chanukah people 2015.04.28

in an least one eight years old’s mind, he is not jewish but rather “chanukah people”

guess that makes me “tree sacrificing people”

the porch at the corner 2015.04.27

my grandmother found great happiness and a kindred spirit late in her life. she would move in to his home in an historic neighborhood near downtown st. louis that sat on a large, corner lot. the front stoop wrapped around the corner with a patio at the corner where they could strategically observe the happenings around them from the comfort of a shaded, and umbrellaed table.

hardly a soul walked by that didn’t come up to visit or enjoy the drink that was always offered. in fact, it was hard to visit my grandmother there because of the competition for her attention.

i was reminded of my time on that porch over the weekend as i realized what a perfect place it would have been for my son who desperately enjoys listening to people talk and tell stories. after wrapping up dinner, he came back in to the kitchen trying to entice me outside. he said “all the parents are outside and you need to go out there”. when i asked why, he said “so i can follow you out to listen”.

i hope someday he has a corner patio all his own.

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