7 minutes 2016.02.05

“you were out there for seven minutes”

that’s what ethan said to me when i came back in the house after dropping logan off at the bus stop.

“out there” was in the front yard talking to a neighbor.

the accusation comes becomes he can’t believe i left him alone, without company, for an additional seven minutes more than was minimally necessary in dropping logan off at the bus stop…

beanboozled 2016.02.04

their grandfather put beanboozled jelly beans in the kids stockings this past christmas.

he recently asked for a report on how the kids liked them, i responded.

“the kids complain that the ratio of booger to fruit flavored beans greatly favors booger, but interestingly enough it didn’t prevent them from eating them all.”

six foot slide 2016.02.03

i’m seven and something years old and can’t walk down our hard wood floor halls in socks without going in to a slide at the end.

there is no age when this shouldn’t be the case…

reluctant coach 2016.02.02

i wrote this recommendation a year ago for our most amazing art teacher.

its relevant today because logan has been rehearsing for this year’s show over the past few weeks and the performances are coming up soon. also because i was called in to substitute coach the boys basketball team today and with no experience in such things i asked myself – how would [teacher] coach these kids and i did what i thought she would do and practice went swimmingly…

My name is Matthew Feldt and I have a [grade] girl and [grade] boy in the dual language program at [school]. Both my kids have been at [school] since kindergarten and both have enjoyed some great teachers.

However, the one teacher that stands out above all others isn’t a classroom teacher, but is a specials teacher. [teacher], the arts teacher, beyond cultivating an interest and love of art in her classroom creates an annual theater performance. I remember the first year our oldest child saw one of her [school] performances previewed during the school day, they came raving that we had to go see the show over the weekend. I wasn’t very enthusiastic to see an elementary school play that didn’t feature any of my children until we left that night. We were amazed at the quality and enjoyability of the performance.

Since those performances our son has had a passion for theater. He has joined summer camps, attending performances at [local attractions] and the high schools. But more than anything, he couldn’t wait until 4th grade when he could perform in [teacher]’s show. Last year he was a oompa loompa in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and this year he is the Lion in the Wizard of Oz.

To support my child in the shows I have volunteered to assist in set building on weekends. What I have seen there amazes me. [teacher]’s enthusiasm for the show is completely infectious. She empowers the children to own everything they assist with and you can see the children’s pride and determination to make everything right. Countless, out of class room hours go in to selecting a production; creating costumes, building sets, rehearsals and more rehearsals and then a weekend of shows.

You would think for something on this scale, with so many 4th and 5th graders involved, [teacher] would have to remain backstage pulling the strings to keep everything in order but that’s not the case. During the show she is sitting in the front row enjoying it with the rest of the audience. The kids run the house, collecting tickets and passing out playbills, running the lights, crews changing large scale sets between acts and all the cast performing with enthusiasm. Beyond all else, this is the miracle of the show. [teacher] has worked with all these children, shown them what they are capable of, has helped them prepare, and then given them a stage to succeed. And every year they amaze and delight the audience.

perfect month 2016.02.01

i achieved the perfect month as planned –

perfect month 2016.01


but i was surprised mid-day sunday when the award alert came through. apparently, a perfect month for the watch meant only hitting the “move” goal every day of the month. my perfect month goal meant hitting all three goals every day of the month. by days end, that board was full too –

every goal 2016.01

middle school humor 2016.01.14

ethan told us two jokes he heard in middle school today:

(1) how do you catch a bra?

with a booby trap

(2) a man went to change his online password and decided to set it to “my penis”, after hitting enter his wife fell to the floor laughing when the computer responded “sorry, too short”

natalie and i both found one of the jokes humorous – you’ll never guess which of us favored which joke.

here today, gone tomorrow 2016.01.13

the folks in los angeles must have no long term memory. how many nfl franchises have come and gone there in the last so many years?

i was living in st. louis when the nfl returned. there was much rejoicing and even a few trips to the superbowl. but the paint was barely dry on the brand new dome before the owners started making new demands. and now that the city of st. louis won’t bending over far enough to appease the owners they are picking up their marbles and moving to los angeles.

so, los angeles enjoy the day, because i’m certain in a few short years we’ll be reading about the next victim on the rams extortion sheet as they once again pull out of los angeles…

as good as it gets 2016.01.12

in as good as it gets melvin udall, the obsessive compulsive author, won’t step on any cracks in the sidewalk for fear of bad luck.

ethan, on our walk to the bus stop in the morning, plays a game where he avoids not only the cracks in the sidewalk but also the cracks in the street if they were to extend on to the sidewalk where we are walking.

i’m pretty sure its a game, but clearly it brings to mind melvin udall all the same…

scheduled fun 2016.01.11

i know a number of people who keep lists and schedules and even have one friend who is almost psychotic about it, but it all their cases it took an entire lifetime to get that messed up.

my son has a twelve year old friend who put together this calendar / schedule to build bike jumps and play over the winter break. how many other twelve year olds do you know this regimented?

winter break calendar

end of year fail 2016.01.08

speaking of goals, i had hoped to reduce the message count in my personal inbox to zero over the holidays.

by the end of the year i got it down to 32…

yesterday, it was at 18…

today may be the day…

new year’s achievement 2016.01.06

aside from the accumulation achievements (365, 500 and 1000 move goals), i had every achievement available from the apple activity app save perfect month. in lieu of resolution i’m getting that achievement this month.

it may sound easy enough – but there is one catch in my routine, the watch doesn’t record swimming so i never get any movement credit for swimming.

on those days i will have to both swim and walk more than 12,000 steps… no matter – on the first of february you will see this achievement badge colored in (its worth noting that i want the perfect month achievement in a month with 31 days – yep, i know, i’m broken).

achievement perfect month

good santa 2016.01.05

santa may have made a mess of the ceiling in our closet, but he did wonders under the tree

christmas tree 2015

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