the drawback to living in a hobbit hole 2016.06.24

ethan says i am beginning to look like a stegosaurus.

he says this because my head is all nicked-up from hitting it on the ceiling and door frames of our house here.

in every other regard our house in iceland is great. but the ceilings on the ground floor where i’m working are not quite six feet high and the arched ceilings on the third floor have clipped me a time or two or ten.

i’m beginning to wonder if i need to enter a concussion protocol or possibly get a hard hat…

on the plus side, they weren’t sheep heads 2016.06.23

iceland’s fish cheese-jerkey in the making…

only in cleveland 2016.06.22

lebron james led all players on both teams in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocked shots in the seven games nba finals against the golden state warriors (which represents the first time in history that any player has led both teams in all those categories in any playoff series, of any length).

that’s what it took to end a fifty-two year professional sports championship curse in the city of cleveland.

i remember when lebron james and taking great comfort when the media coined his departure “the lebacle”, all that is in the past and now we have ‘leblock’ and a championship in cleveland…


summer solstice 2016.06.21

midnight at the end of the summer’s solstice in iceland.

iceland summer solstice

in the week we have been here, this is as close to ‘dark’ as it ever gets…

logan and the mountain 2016.06.20

logan with the mountain

100% beet 2016.06.09

i got a bag of ‘goodies’ from a race i signed up for this spring and a number of them were electrolyte and nitrate supplements.

for the most part all of them have been ok tasting but i haven’t noticed any measurable effect on my performance.

one of them however, a 100% beet juice powder was so bad i thought i would vomit. it was the kind of bad that caused my throat to seize up and my stomach to reflux the second the nasty mess touched my mouth all to defend against having to digest any of it.

huurgehh – my body is convulsing even now just recalling the experience.

summer plans 2016.06.08

friend: what are you doing this summer?

ethan: i have my first date on saturday!

who says teenagers live in the moment? or maybe a first date is so monumental that nothing else matters.

party like its 1999 2016.06.07

logan: what are we doing this weekend?

me: we’re going to party like its 1999!

logan: ugh dad, i don’t want to watch a stupid, old movie

i guess that expression isn’t quite as modern and enchanting as it once was…

king of the campground 2016.06.06

everybody loves the guy doling out dinner on the campsite at the end of a long, hot day…

2016 memorial day camping

happy chewbacca 2016.05.25

typically when something blows up on the internet i’m left scratching my head at why it would appeal to anyone, but not in this case.

this video makes me so happy. and like ethan, at the end i’m wondering why i don’t have one of these masks.

color the family 2016.05.24

us at the end of a “color run”

good catch 2016.05.23

jafar and iago’s big number ends in this leaping catch

the show is over now and we’ll have to see what happens with the big hole that is left behind in its absence.

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