photo storm – parting shot 2014.08.01

we travel back to the u.s. later today and this portrait of me at machu picchu seemed perfect for the occasion…

already a hole

after much too long, we finally got to spend a few weeks with caro.

she had an early departure from cusco, 5:30 am, so natalie went with her to the airport at 4:00 am.

the kids slept through her departure and when ethan woke up later he asked, “did caro leave already?”

i responded “yes”.

to which he said, “i miss her already”

to which all i could say is “so do i…”

photo storm – day 22 2014.07.31

the tres ventanas of machu picchu

photo storm – day 21 2014.07.30

an empanada restaurant in pisac

photo storm – day 20 2014.07.29

enjoying the fireplace in urubamba

photo storm – day 19 2014.07.28

twilight in larapa


the quechua word for avocado is palta.

but honestly, the palta here are so good they deserve a word of their own and should be identified as something different, superior than a mere avocado.

photo storm – day 18 2014.07.27

the salt ponds at maras

photo storm – day 17 2014.07.26

a local procession livens up our trip to pisac.

papelote 2014.07.25

logan’s book report papelote (large piece of paper)

photo storm – day 16

strong encouragement to keep running

yet another religious mystery 2014.07.24

at the restaurant last night were lots of replicas of painting i believe come from the sistine chapel. this sparked a lot of questions from the kids, many of which we didn’t have answers…

logan was particularly interested to know why none of the people were wearing clothes. then finally she observed “god always has clothes, couldn’t he have given some to the people?”

in case you think logan was hung up on the nudity, that is not the case at all. she is practical and knows winter will come and the people might get cold. like her mother she is always thinking and planning ahead.

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