My response to the local school system requesting nominations for outstanding teachers.

Describe how your candidate ignites enthusiasm for learning.

I remember the first year our oldest child saw one of [masked]’s performances during the school day and came home raving that we had to go see the show over the weekend. I wasn’t very enthusiastic to see an elementary school play that didn’t include any of my children but my son insisted. And he was right, we were amazed at the quality and enjoyability of the performance.

Since that initial performance our son has had a passion for theater. He couldn’t wait until 4th grade when he could perform with the [masked]. And that was just the beginning, he joined acting camps; took voice lessons; attended performances at [masked], [masked] and the local high schools and has continued drama in Middle School.

That same enthusiasm for theater infected my daughter and likewise the majority of the 4th and 5th grade every year we have been at [masked].

Describe how your candidate sets high expectations and demonstrates a commitment to a high level of achievement for all students.

To support the show and my children, I have volunteered with set building on weekends. What I have seen there amazes me. [masked]’s enthusiasm for the show is completely infectious. She has a remarkable ability to inspire confidence in the students that they can do whatever she asks and she empowers them try. The children respond with pride and determination to make everything right.

You would expect with a show on the scale of a [masked] production, with most of the 4th and 5th grade involved, that [masked] would have to remain on stage pulling the strings to keep everything in order but that’s not the case. During the show she is sitting in the front row enjoying it with the rest of the audience. The kids run the house, collecting tickets and passing out playbills, running the lights, crews manage large scale sets and the cast performs. Beyond all else, this is the miracle of the show. [masked] has worked with all these children, shown them what they are capable of, helped them prepare, and then given them a stage to succeed and shine.

Describe how your candidate is a role model.

[masked] spends countless hours outside class room time to select a production; create costumes, build sets, hold auditions, manage rehearsal after rehearsal and finally a weekend of shows.

Throughout that entire process she mentors students in each of their individual roles. Not only is this time work and productive, she manages to keep it fun.

[masked] has set a high bar for performance quality and everyone involved wants to exceed expectations.

  • After thousands of renditions of all the other songs from her youth, Natalie busted out a new one today –
    Labels are good for canned food so you don’t mistake the spinach for the beans
    But the people that your meeting aren’t the same as the food your eating
    So don’t put labels on my friends!
  • Finished reading “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” by Mark Haddon
  • Devised lots of names for the home school our kid’s will attend in our year abroad, ultimate favorite: Fowler’s ABC School (Arguing; Bitching; and Complaining) – there was a motto too, something like “For the Stupid, Of the Stupid and By the Stupid”, but I’m too stupid to remember what it was instead of “Stupid”…
  • Bought 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies from Lula
  • Mountain biked in CNF
  • Played League of Legends with Ethan
  • Logan spent the night at Lula’s birthday party
  • Skied Deer Valley for a second day
  • Took Keri to dinner at Hawaiian style Laid Back Poke Shack
  • We all, except Keri, got a much too large shake at Iceberg Drive Inn
  • Skied Deer Valley, Michael was able to join us after his boss arranged a “sick” day for him
  • Saw “The Nerd” at the Hale Centre Theatre
  • Capped off the day / evening with a sundae at Leatherby’s Family Creamery