gaff point 2015.07.30

our last walk on the beach at gaff point

halifax citadel 2015.07.29

ethan touring the citadel in halifax

peggy’s cove 2015.07.28

the first lighthouse we visited in nova scotia.

gay vader 2015.07.27

a second darth vader attempts to off logan…

what’s her name? 2015.07.23

on our annual trips we come in contact with lots of new people and half the fun of meeting all these new people is introducing our daughters.

we actually only have one daughter, but our long haired son is more often than not greeted as a girl.

the most fun occurs with other children. today when we dropped ethan off at mountain bike camp, a girl came over and enthusiastically introduced herself. she was thrilled to have two new girls in the class. when she heard ethan’s name she said “that’s a cool name” at this point natalie felt obligated to let her know ethan was a boy.

by afternoon, kids were still asking logan “what’s her name” referring to ethan. they were wondering “her name” even after he swam in the pool without a top in shorts only.

cabot trail 2015.07.21

day two on cape breton, ethan and logan on the cabot trail

vacation from the vacation 2015.07.20

highlights from this weekends puffin tour with donelda:


eagle fishing

bear taxi 2015.07.17

the ferry from tancook island was late. it was late because the “substitute ferry” was running and it isn’t as fast as the daily ferry.

the “substitute ferry” doesn’t have seats so they park a bus on deck for the passengers to sit. the “substitute ferry” doesn’t have a built-in crane so they park a crane on deck next to the bus.

but none of that was the strangest thing about the “substitute ferry”. the strangest thing was the taxidermied bear that was included in the afternoon’s cargo.

bear taxi

the curse of oak island 2015.07.16

maybe you’re watching the curse of oak island on the history channel, but we’re living less than 2km from it.

we can see the causeway from our house to oak island and decided to make our evening walk over there. when we got there we found this sign:

oak island welcome

feeling unwelcome we decided not to cross the causeway but hung around the beach near by. the whole time we were there we saw cars coming off the island full of hipster looking young men. i decided then, that it wasn’t treasure on the island but rather an elaborate cover for a meth lab.

but a neighbor lady came by a little later and explained it was the history channel film crew working on season 3.

she had some other things to say too, but i’ll add those to the mysteries surrounding oak island. while we were discussing what could possibly be at the bottom of the “money pit”, ethan said he thought it might be something like a jumanji board and no one was supposed to find it. you could visibly see the woman’s skin crawl and she said “i haven’t heard that theory before”

everything but… 2015.07.15

this sums up our thoughts on the black flies and mosquitoes we are not enjoying in nova scotia:

i can’t think of anything that i could do without easier than the mosquito. he seems to me a creature wholly devoid of virtues. he is a glutton, a poisoner, a spreader of disease, a dispenser of disturbing music. that last is the hardest to forgive. if he would only be still i could overlook the other things. i wonder if he will take his voice with him into the next world. i should like to know, too, which place he is bound for. i should like to know, so i could take the other road.

albert bigelow paine
the tent dwellers, sports fishing in nova scotia in 1908

this passage was footnoted with the following:

when this chapter appeared in the outing magazine frederick remington wrote as follows:
“my dear paine: just read your outing article on the woods and your speculation on ‘why mosquitoes were made’, etc. i know the answer. they were created to aid civilization – otherwise, no man not an idiot would live anywhere else than in the woods.”

shared sympathies 2015.07.14

ethan was doing some homework on khan academy last week we he exclaimed “why is it never the brainless scarecrow and heartless tin man, but always the cowardly lion!”

this past winter, ethan played the cowardly lion in his school’s production of the wizard of oz. did you notice i wrote the “cowardly lion”?

that’s because, as ethan has come to notice, the lion’s shortcoming is always prefixed to his character while this same treatment isn’t applied to the scarecrow or tin man.

an injustice to be sure.

cape split 2015.07.13

then family at cape split

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