bolafjall 2016.07.29

bolafjall, maybe.

at least, a sign at bolafjall.

sólfar (sun voyager) 2016.07.28

sólfar (sun voyager) on sæbraut road in reykjavík

3 days and counting 2016.07.27

its sad that our time in iceland is coming to an end, but to make it a little easier to bear its starting to get dark here at night.

we thought we may not like it being light all day and night but were wrong – its awesome having so many hours of light.

tonight at 10:30 pm we were walking in the park and it was packed with people of all ages walking around and playing.

its near 1:00 am now and just got dark and i’m grumpy about that…

66° 4′ n 2016.07.26

on our second to last night in the westfjords we cashed in natalie’s free night stay in ísafjörður.

in spite of the luxurious room with a soft mattress and cozy covers, the included three course gourmet dinner, the european style continental breakfast and third floor views of the city, it was a small thing that made me most happy. a washcloth in the shower.

and since ísafjörður is at 66° 4′ n, it was just more than a week before i broke my previous mark in sleeping near the pole.

so long all star game 2016.07.25

my letter to pat mccrory, governor of north carolina, after finding out the nba pulled the all star game from charlotte, north carolina due to house bill 2 (hb2 is the controversial “bathroom bill” that reversed a charlotte city ordinance extending rights to members of the LGBT community to choose the bathroom of their gender identity):

I applaud the NBA for moving the All Star Game from Charlotte in opposition to HB2.

I’m sad for all the lost opportunities our state has experienced due to this regressive social policy and for all the additional tax dollars you intend to waste fighting the federal government.

There was no citizen vote on HB2 so it isn’t honest to say the bill represents what “most people believe”. Even if there had been a vote, its the state’s responsibility to protect all its citizens from discrimination including the LGBT community.

Adding injury to insult, HB2 which was passed to overrule the Charlotte City Council has now cost the city the NBA All Star Game. A textbook example of government overreach.

Please reconsider your position on this issue and get in step with what “most people believe” is fair and equitable treatment of all the citizens of North Carolina.

dynjandi 2016.07.22

dynjandi, the largest waterfall in the westfjords.

end of town 2016.07.21

the sign in iceland indicating the end of town

selvallavatn, snaefellsnes 2016.07.20

selvallavatn in snaefellsnes – guess you’ll have to click on that to discover what it is 😉

ornaments, no way! guns ok… 2016.07.19

ohio is an open-carry state, so local officials cannot prevent licensed gun owners from bringing their guns in to the 1.7 square mile “event zone” surrounding this week’s republican national convention.

while moronic gun laws allow guns in to the event zone, these 72 items were too dangerous to be allowed:

  1. Lumber larger than 2 inches in width and 1/4 of an inch thick, including supports for signs
  2. Metal, plastic, or other hard material larger than 3/4 quarters thick and 1/8 of an inch in wall thickness including pipe and tubing
  3. Air rifles
  4. Air pistols
  5. Paintball guns
  6. Blasting caps
  7. Switchblade knives
  8. Automatic knives
  9. Knives having a blade 2.5 inches in length or longer
  10. Cestuses
  11. Billy clubs
  12. Blackjacks
  13. Swords
  14. Sabers
  15. Hatchets
  16. Axes
  17. Slingshots
  18. BB guns
  19. Pellet guns
  20. Wrist shots
  21. Metal knuckles
  22. Nun chucks
  23. Mace
  24. Iron buckles
  25. Axe handles
  26. Shovels
  27. Fireworks
  28. Rockets
  29. Sound amplification equipment
  30. Drones and other unmanned aircraft systems
  31. Containers of bodily fluids
  32. Aerosol cans
  33. Pepper Spray and other chemical irritants
  34. Umbrellas with metal tips
  35. Water guns
  36. Water cannons
  37. Ropes in lengths greater than 6 feet
  38. Chains in lengths greater than 6 feet
  39. Cables in lengths greater than 6 feet
  40. Strappings in lengths greater than 6 feet
  41. Wires in lengths greater than 6 feet
  42. Strings in lengths greater than 6 feet
  43. Lines in lengths greater than 6 feet
  44. Tapes in lengths greater than 6 feet
  45. Glass bottles
  46. Ornaments
  47. Light bulbs
  48. Ceramic vessels
  49. Padlocks
  50. Bicycle locking devices
  51. Chain locks
  52. Gas masks
  53. Tents
  54. Sleeping bags
  55. Sleeping pads
  56. Mattresses
  57. Cots
  58. Hammocks
  59. Bivy sacks
  60. Stoves
  61. Coolers
  62. Ice chests
  63. Backpacks and bags exceeding the size of 18″ x 13″ x 7″
  64. Lasers
  65. Non-plastic containers, bottles, cans, or thermoses
  66. Ladders
  67. Grappling hooks
  68. Sledgehammers
  69. Hammers
  70. Crowbars
  71. Canned goods
  72. Tennis balls
hlaupahátíð á vestfjörðum 2016.07.18

on sunday ethan, natalie and i participated in hlaupahátíð á vestfjörðum (run festival of the west fjords). natalie won the overall 10k for women and to our great surprise was showered with gifts – a gold medal; a fleece hoodie; a nights stay in ísafjörður; and a hand woven icelandic wool sweater.

she wasn’t given the sweater on the spot but told to claim it in the local info-center. if they didn’t have her size, they would make one and mail it to her in the states.

i took second place in my age group (40+) which was rewarded with a silver medal but no lavish gifts.

10k first place overall

65° 52′ 10″ N 2016.07.15

as far north as i’ve ever gone to bed – Þingeyri, iceland

harpa 2016.07.14

iceland’s harpa theater

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