tres amigos a snowshoe 2015.01.29

my ski companions at snowshoe

money 2015.01.28

i remember the first time i was blown away by music. i was over at a friends house hanging out with him and his sister in her room. we were ten-ish and she was a teen with all the exotic and cool things a teenage girl would have in her room. one of those things was a record player and these huge head phones. my friend said “you gotta hear this” and then scrambled around the room turning off the lights and closing the drapes. he knew the only proper way to appreciate something was for it to have your full attention. he put the headphones over my head and ears and i could hear the needle crackling across the vinyl.

then it happened. coins dropped in one and then the other. a cash register drawer slammed through my head from one side to the other. then a single instrument played, then the whole band and finally roger water’s singing “money. get away.” i didn’t move for the six plus minutes the song played.

but i went on to get a job with full pay and a wife and then a couple of kids and didn’t listen to music too much except for the tinny crud coming out of computer speakers or an ipod which never really compared to those early experiences.

this sunday a mail truck pulled up to my house. i didn’t know mail service even existed on sunday but the driver explained they have a shiny new contract with amazon to deliver packages to prime customers and my new receiver was in the box. i was excited it was on the way, but even more excited when it showed up on a sunday.

today five of the eight speakers i ordered arrived. i’m still missing the sub-woofer and floor speakers but i couldn’t wait to at least taste my new toy.

based on others’ recommendations, the first song i queued up to test drive the new system, the who’s baba o’riley. its been thirty five plus years since i’ve been so enchanted with music. when everything is all together, i’ll turn out the lights, close the blinds, turn up the volume and – money.

my own forty ounces 2015.01.23

i try real hard not to venture in to walmart, but today due to time constraints and need i didn’t have much choice.

of course i picked the wrong checkout line and had my visit extended. i made the mistake of lining up behind two people in a lane that read “10 items or less”. as i watched the first person pour more than 10 items on the conveyor i saw her reach out and pull the separator down creating two orders. each of these orders was less than 10 items but now i had to wait for two separate purchases from the same person.

the next person in line ahead of me had a friend show up at the last moment with a handful of items and then they proceeded to separate their orders in two so again the line in front of me doubled.

but the highlight of the trip was the guy behind me. as i stepped up and put my single item down, he slammed two large forty ounce bottles of beer on the counter. i asked “that kind of day?” he responded “you don’t know the half of it. i wish i were getting a dozen more.”

everything about him suggested fourteen forty ounce beers were the only possible cure for whatever ailed him.

we exchanged a few other pleasantries and then i said goodbye. the cheer in his farewell made me wonder if i was the first person who had been civil to him all day.

craving boredom 2015.01.22

i used to wonder why older folks would sit around and relax through much of the day. i attributed this leisurely lifestyle to physical or mental prowesses declining, but i think i got it wrong.

i have pretty much felt rushed or busy since having had kids. i long to be bored. i hear children talk of boredom and i ask them to tell me about it and amaze at their good fortune.

when i no longer have to mind children or respond to a job i’m going to sit and watch the sun rise until it sets again…

which run are we doing next? 2015.01.21

when i first had a chance to go skiing, it was a gift to myself.

today i was the sole adult in our party who could keep up with three young kids tearing up the mountain and it no longer felt like a gift to myself, but rather an investment that was paying massive, unexpected dividends.

no school! 2015.01.15

school was called today on account of icy roads.

natalie has to go to work as patients depend upon her so on days like this taking care of the kids is my responsibility.

its a tight race to measure who was more excited about today’s snow day – the kids or i. even tougher competition would be determining who is wishing more for another snow day tomorrow!

way better than anything else i heard today 2015.01.14

i’ve been in a bit of a funk the past couple of weeks – lets call it post holiday blues.

today as i was wrapping up work, logan came in to my office and said right off “you are way better than all the other dads”

i was curious what was behind the compliment, but a gift this great should not be questioned but accepted graciously.

oh, and na-na-a-boo-boo to all you other dads!

suddenly singing 2015.01.13

before the holidays we went to a small, college performance of ‘little shop of horrors’. we left the show singing the songs, anxious to see the movie and have been singing the songs to this day.

over the weekend we went to a large performance arts center to see ‘wicked’. beyond a few entertaining moments and the stunning stage performance of ‘defying gravity’ it was largely forgettable.

so, i remain a fan of the intimate, accessible theater experience.

plagiarizing 2015.01.12

i don’t often just regurgitate here what others have said, but this made me smile so much i wish i had said it first –

the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.
– george bernard shaw

je suis charlie 2015.01.09

beyond claiming “i am charlie” and national moments of silence, everyone could re-print the illustrations of the prophet mohammed that cost charlie hebdo his life and thus “be charlie”

je suis charlie

i’m glad charlie was charlie…

pay day 2015.01.07

thank goodness today was a pay day because i spent much of this morning wondering why i was back at work…

360 2015.01.06

good thing there are 360 days left in this year, because that is about how many things are on my todo list.

what was i doing those past few weeks while i was on holiday?

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