ghost stories 2015.03.27

after logan spent the night at a friend’s house, her friend’s mother informed natalie that logan had freaked her friend out over night.

natalie apologized saying we were aware logan knew some ghost stories.

but no, it wasn’t ghost stories that upset her friend, logan had told her friend how the aunt who gave her all the little boxes they had been playing with all afternoon shot herself in the chest and died.

i’m not sure logan didn’t just freak me out…

final taping 2015.03.26

i’m sharing this link with you because i know you want to support the autistic community and go with me to new york to see jon stewart’s final taping of the daily show:

be there for the final taping of the daily show with jon stewart

so, support a good cause and invite me to new york with you when you win.

the bunnies lap 2015.03.25

shortly after the neighborhood easter egg hunt, where shortly is less than sixty-minutes after scooping up loads of plastic eggs full of candy and devouring half their take, my kids in a candy charged euphoria came up to me with a list of gifts they wanted from the easter bunny.

the easter bunny doesn’t have a workshop full of elves, there is no list of naughty and nice kids – when did christmas become the baseline for all other holidays?

my place in the neighborhood 2015.03.24

last thursday, sixteen cubic yards of double-ground, hardwood bark mulch were dropped off in front of my house.

i made a few attempts to spread the mulch around the yard, but the weather was nice and the neighbors were out so mostly i stood outside with a pitch fork doing my best american gothic impersonation.

today i found out that a five year old girl on our cul-de-sac asked her mom – “why does matthew put all the dirt in his yard out on the street?”

my judgement is obviously well respected in our immediate community.

the ear, the eye and the arm 2015.03.13
author: nancy farmer

i volunteered to lead a book club for ethan’s class at school and this was the book they chose from the selections the reading specialist offered.

at first i was really impressed with the book, but by the end i was less happy as one of the children appropriated commented “it all worked out too perfectly”.

from the author: tendai had heard praise singing described many ways. it was an ancient custom meant to call forth the powers of the seen and unseen worlds. it was music. it was poetry. but most of all, it was medicine for the soul. some mellowers (praise singers) were public and had offices. many worked for hospitals, but a few were attached to great houses like the matsikas’. they stood at the breakfast table and recounted the glories and strengths of each family member.

i think everyone needs a mellower.

daylight savings miracle 2015.03.11

this year, like others we advanced our clocks by one hour for daylight savings time. but unlike previous years i’d swear we picked up two extra hours of sunlight.

for the first time ever, i feel like i came out ahead trading away that hour last sunday.

standardized tests without standard answers 2015.03.10

i was helping logan prepare for a standardized test she was taking this week when we came across the question:

‘a _________________ lives in a castle.’

logan’s answer was ‘prince or knight’

that was kind of two answers so i was prepared to mark it wrong.

when we checked the answers against the key, they had the following:


which i took to mean any one from that set of possibilities would be correct.

but logan’s answer wasn’t exactly wrong either and the given set of answers certainly didn’t cover the universe of possible castle dwellers. like, how do you grade the child who answered with ‘beast’

i could have said that 2015.03.09

last week, in an interview with all things considered, robert christgau said:

i didn’t have that retentive memory for details that great reporters either have or claim they have. and i didn’t have that nosiness of the great reporter; i didn’t want to get into people’s faces. i didn’t have any of those gifts — and they are real gifts, and they produce great writing. instead i was really good at criticism…

which is often how i feel. then a few seconds later he said something else i could hear myself saying:

…if you can live with a woman for thirty or forty years but her ideas don’t affect you, then why are you living with her?

jackson – day 5 2015.03.06

the view from the top of rendezvous mountain (that’s my fancy, new, $200 camera taking sweet panoramic shots)

some of the best ski terrain is up here, but the tram ride to get there meant i only went once. they pack 100 people, gear and all in to this large tram car that climbs more than 4,000 feet from the base. i’m sure the tram is probably moving quite fast, but given the tight conditions and the variety of horrible smells coming off 100 different people, it felt like forever…

rendezvous mountain

jackson – day 4 2015.03.05

the masked, bearded man is me.

the shrouded peaks in the background are the grand tetons.

the weathered stick played itself…

stick me tetons

jackson – day 3 2015.03.04

i’ve always thought the grand tetons were spectacular to see, but i never imagined i would be skiing on the back side of them.

grand targhee is an hour drive from jackson – with better snow, no crowds, chill guests and nearly every square inch skiable was a fantastic addition to our plans.


jackson – day 2 2015.03.03

historic, western town with antlered arches in the town square, check.


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