third time may be the end of me… 2015.11.09

last thursday at the kid’s running club i was the only adult for the oldest group of kids. normally we have at least two parents so one can ‘sweep’ the rear to be sure no kids are dropped. as everyone took off at the start, i looked around for a familiar face so i could draft at least one other adult to join me with the fast kids.

i found another adult at the last minute and as we took off down the trail i was calling out behind me to sort out our plan for the run. a few meters down the trail i hit a sapling i never saw and bruised and scraped my knee. if that sapling had been an mature tree i’m pretty sure i would have been laid out on the trail.

sunday i was running again and the speakers on my ipod kept cutting in and out. i finally got tired of that and pulled the headphones from the ipod and as i was running down hill, wrapping up the cord i lost my footing and fell hard on my left side.

the cuts and bruises from the sapling earlier in the week were nothing compared to this wipe-out. plus this time i managed to get my arm, shoulder and hip in to the action.

i’m scheduled to run again on tuesday provided i’m up to it, but i’m going to be on high alert because i don’t have another accident in me at the moment…

stop the madness 2015.11.06

this morning while running an errand i heard this on the radio:

a 16-year-old was traveling on a rural road when the car he was driving drifted into the path of a city public works pickup truck. the high school student died at the scene. the driver of the pickup truck was taken to hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

the story went on to say no further investigation would take place.

obviously, my sympathies to everyone who knew this high school student, but ‘drifted’ seems to me to be the code word for texting or otherwise distracted driving. since it happened first thing in the morning, i’m ruling out drunk driving or falling asleep, the only other reasonable explanations for ‘drifting’ out of your own lane.

i work from home so i’m not on the road as much as many people, but still i can barely go anywhere without seeing someone driving poorly and then finding a phone in their hand.

on the way home from our kids running club, before i have gotten over my grief and anger at this poor high school students death, i drove up next to an adult woman in a mini-van having a video chat with another woman while her car ‘drifted’ through traffic.

i don’t know how to stop these idiots or why more people don’t jump on the bandwagon in shaming them to putt their phones down. i can with 100% assurity say i will never accept a call and certainly not a video chat from anyone i know who is behind the wheel of a car.

grand dragon 2015.11.04

there won’t be any pictures of my costume this year because after about a half hour i had to remove one of the accessories.

i was in theme with natalie and logan and dressed as jafar from aladdin, even had a stuffed iago to complete the ensemble.

but four separate people, in thirty minutes time, all distinct from one another suggested the hat looked like something the grand dragon of the kkk would wear.

there had been a news special on recently talking about the history of the kkk and apparently they all saw it and said my costume wasn’t too far from his. so clearly i couldn’t go walking around the neighborhood at night looking like that…

jafar hat

descendants 2015.11.03

logan as mal from descendants with natalie as maleficent.

ezreal 2015.11.02

ethan as ezreal from league of legends

halloween pumpkins 2015 2015.10.30

here are this year’s carved pumpkins…

from left to right: mine, logan; ethan and natalie:

halloween 2015

claim your cash 2015.10.29

a friend recently pointed me to a claim your cash web site hosted by our state that reported i had ‘unclaimed funds’.

of course i was skeptical, but after a bit of research i finally concluded the site was legitimate.

less than a week later $430.00 from the state treasurer arrived.

i have since told some other friends and they also have been able to file claims for hundreds of dollars. check your state, they may have a similar service.

the oddest things about our claims is that both payers had our address and should have known how to get the money to us without it going through the state.

a curious thing indeed – but so much better than that email you’ve been considering from the nigerian prince who will share his fortune with you if only you can provide him your bank account and routing number…

far, far away…. 2015.10.28

the opening for the force awakens may still be far, far away but my tickets for opening weekend are in hand so all is well…

run til you ralph 2015.10.27

we participated in an organized run this past weekend that we have been doing for the past three years.

both kids had personal best times.

ethan’s time i’m sure was his best as ten seconds after he crossed the finish line he regurgitated the chipotle bowl he had for lunch.

and that answers the question – is a chipotle bowl a good training food before a run?


the bigots are coming to town 2015.10.26

there is a controversial civil war statue in our town. it shouldn’t be controversial because its clearly racist but the town likes to pretend the statue has redeeming characteristics.

some of the enlightened folks from the sticks are coming out of their holes and in to town this weekend to make the case for the virtues of the statue and here are some of the lovely things they told the media:

“it’s nothing racist,” said [], of southern heritage preservation. “it’s standing up namely for the school itself, which a lot of people don’t understand, and the folks who went to [], the student body who fought for the cause of northern oppression, that’s what the civil war was about.”

“we’re standing up for the state of [] and the good parts that need to be remembered, not the bad stuff. the bad stuff, we had no part in, and that’s not why we fought the war.”

if folks like this came out to support of something i was responsible for, i would be sure i put a lot more distance between myself and them than by replying “we truly believe differing views can and should be shared in open debate and discourse and we hope all participants will honor this aspiration.”

some views are wrong, racist and evil and collegiate genius should be able to carry that debate and make better decisions.

youth may be wasted on the young… 2015.10.20

i think there is a lot of truth to the expression “youth is wasted on the young”, but there are some other, less desirable features to being young that keep us more mature folks from pining hard to be young again.

skyblaster slingshot 2015.10.19

we are ready to defend and dominate our next water fight with the power and prestige of our very own skyblaster slingshot.

skyblaster slingshot

better get busy building your own –

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