hurricane matthew 2016.10.07

wonder if my electric company knew my name was matthew when they sent this message? i got a lot more sympathy for everyone named katrina now, i tell you that…

hurricane matthew

my two moms 2016.10.06
author: zach wahls

kind of what you would expect if you asked a nineteen year old to write a memoir. a little disappointing since he so killed it when he spoke in opposition to house joint resolution 6 in the iowa house of representatives.

from the author: …at the end of teh day however, a person can’t be reasoned out of something he or she was never reasoned in to.

not my fault 2016.10.05

i just found out there is a deadly hurricane in the caribbean that bears my name.

clearly i have no control of the weather but still i don’t care for the association…

reasons 2016.10.04

the 100 mile bike ride is in the can and now the long return home begins.

maybe when i’m less tired i’ll elaborate on the events of the past few days…

3400 for 100 2016.09.28

i’m driving 3,400 miles round trip to take a 100 mile bike ride.

ok, i’ll be seeing some friends along the way, taking in a baseball and football game and playing some tennis.

but still, never question my sense of adventure.

for three dollars, unlimited animosity 2016.09.27

i live in a town with extremely high property taxes.

our pta is constantly asking for donations or holding fund raisers that we willingly contribute to.

but yesterday when i showed up to my son’s cross country meet at another school and they asked me to pay $3 to enter, i had to work real hard to not say something ugly. my daughter tells me the stink face i made got my message across anyway.

no other school charges guests to watch the cross country meet.

i typically don’t even carry cash and yesterday only had $5 on me at the time. good thing we weren’t two adults.

i wasn’t the only one at the meet to comment on the unusual entrance fee.

clearly, the genius in charge didn’t consider the the principle of charging an entrance fee against a meager $3 of income.

a story for everyone… 2016.09.26

proof there is an article online that supports anything you would like to believe. but, this came from the bbc so you know it must be true:

the bald men were consistently rated as more intelligent, influential, knowledgeable, well educated, high social status, honest and helpful

taken from the benefits of going bald, bbc (as if there were actually benefits to going bald – ha!)

a man’s world 2016.09.23

the entirety of wall street packaged junk securities, stole billings, caused a decade long financial crisis and only martha stuart goes to jail.

unc student athletes complete bogus ‘paper classes’ to maintain academic eligibility and 75 year old deborah crowder takes the fall.

after so many male officers ‘justifiably’ kill black men, a female officer in tulsa does the same and here is how that story read:

according to court documents, the officer, betty jo shelby, 42, was overcome with fear that the man, terence crutcher, 40, who was not responding to her commands and was walking away from her with his hands up, was going to kill her.

an investigator with the tulsa county district attorney’s office said in an affidavit that officer shelby became “emotionally involved to the point that she overreacted” and fired her weapon even though she “was not able to see any weapons or bulges indicating” that mr. crutcher had a gun.

“fear”, “emotionally involved”, and “overreacted” – is this ever the language used when a man does exactly the same thing?

sierra 2016.09.22

yep, i was senseless enough to click upgrade the instant i saw sierra was out…

yep, its kind of fun talking to siri…

yep, not much else noticeably noteworthy in there…


if i only had a brain 2016.09.21

ever since hilary’s collapse, health has been on the forefront of the voters’ minds…

dr. oz had trump on. i think that was the wrong oz.

trump doesn’t need a doctor, he needs a brain.

bill maher on real time with bill maher
16 september 2016

11 years old 2016.09.20

logan’s 11th birthday

13 years old 2016.09.19

ethan’s 13th birthday

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