happy thanksgiving 2014.11.21

i’m taking off next week for don’s funeral and thanksgiving.

the obituary is here: in memory of donald egbert fowler

happy holidays to you and yours.

grandaddy 2014.11.20

my wife’s father passed away yesterday.

he was already in failing health when i met him almost fifteen years ago so i didn’t take it personally that it took two years before he could remember my name. its also possible his youngest daughter had too many boyfriends to keep up with and he was just waiting to see if i would stick around.

what i will always remember and respect about don, was his genuine interest and well wishes for his family. he always wanted natalie to be enjoying life and experiencing life, even if her activities weren’t necessarily aligned with his world view. you always knew he was in your corner.

we were going to see him next week at thanksgiving and now there will be a large, empty place at the table where he would have been. and one of my favorite family traditions, watching his three daughters fret over his well being, comes to an end.

spider 2014.11.19


i may regret letting this big, old spider nest over my front door, but right now i just enjoy seeing when i come and go…

the creature in the compost 2014.11.18

i’m writing this should one day i sudden and mysteriously disappear – the search should begin in our backyard, past the fence and out by the compost bins.

i’ve never seen what lives in there and i can only hope it is vegetarian since it seems quite content upsetting our bins to enjoy the contents inside.

you may think i’ve overreacting but you have never lifted the lids on our compost bins to know how hard it is, or how unlikely for any friendly forest creature to be doing it.

i continue to take scraps out there but never after dark any more…

soccer tournament 2014.11.10

logan at this weekend’s soccer tournament

halloween 2014 2014.11.07

our halloween costumes

go big or go home 2014.11.06

logan’s timeline assignment

parent / teacher conference pride 2014.11.05

i imagine the teachers work pretty hard to find something nice to say to the parents of every kid in their class but this year when we left the parent teacher conferences i was more impressed than usual.

of ethan his teacher said “he is so smart, i don’t understand how his mind works and the explanations he provides of how he solves problems (teacher pantomimes their head exploding)”

of logan “when we are looking for an example of how things are supposed to be done or how someone should be behaving, we always know logan will be setting the example”

no wasted words 2014.11.04

in the perpetual battle to teach our children common social graces, it appears we grossly underestimated the scale of the task. the following exchange occurred after logan didn’t bother to toss out a hello, or how are you? when she saw a friend in the neighborhood –

natalie: you should say hello nicely

logan: why? did her grandmother die?

pumpkin carving 2014.11.03

carving pumpkins on the eve of halloween

leaf peeping 2014.10.31

a monster climb, ha!, of 867 feet to check out the fall colors from the highest point in our county.

the next killer app 2014.10.30

with all the talk of targeted ads and on-demand television, what i really want is to see the end of political ads after i’ve early voted.

i can think of no better incentive to vote early than the promise of stopping the ads…

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