a year with an easter bunny 2014.04.23

thanks to their classmates at school, the kids found out that easter came and went without any easter baskets left by the easter bunny.

i mentioned this to my father who said “the easter bunny did not come to massachusetts either. i saw a fox in the backyard over the weekend. maybe the easter bunny had a bad day…”

i relayed my father’s tale to the kids as a possible explanation for why the easter bunny did not make it to our house in peru.

ethan scowled and logan didn’t seem to understand, so i said “foxes eat bunnies”

to which she replied “does he have bunnies?”

puno and uros islands 2014.04.22

highlights from our weekend in puno and the uros islands -

the uros island’s “mercedes benz”

uros island houses

gravestone on a hike near by our hotel.

alpaca (no trip to peru is complete without seeing one)

ligtning storm on our last night in puno

la raya 2014.04.21

when natalie told a co-worker we were going to puno, he responded “what blind man keeps telling tourists to go to puno?”

here is the view from la raya, i think you would have to be blind not to enjoy this.

¡sooie! 2014.04.18

i think the dogs and pigs here have a different opinion of trash day than i do…

construction hazards 2014.04.16

i’ve mentioned our flat is under construction, but as a public service announcement i should also mention you should give our building wide birth as you never know when something is going to be tossed from the roof.

worse yet, the workers don’t seem to care if anyone is out there as the stuff keeps coming even when people are below.

la procesión del señor de los temblores 2014.04.15

last night we, and half of cusco, went in to town for la procesión del señor de los temblores

picol climb 2014.04.14

after a number of events kept us from making the trip, this sunday i was finally able to make the climb up picol.

anatomy of one peruvian sidewalk 2014.04.11

the benefit of living outside an upscale, gated community in peru, is beautiful, new sidewalks.

the foundation

half way there

the finished product

everything is repeated 2014.04.09

i shared “when the music’s over” by the doors with my kids over the weekend and they mocked the song for being repetitive and having only only lyric -

when the music’s over, turn out the light

this hurts coming from the kids who can’t get enough of “everything is awesome” from the lego movie.

tomb raider 2014.04.08

better think twice before inviting logan to your funeral

the daily menu 2014.04.07

the daily menu from 2014.03.24, soup and entree.

since the kids were off school and natalie couldn’t get to work because of the strike we had a family date here for lunch.

best health care system in the world 2014.04.04

when natalie went get labwork done for me, she didn’t have an appointment or even much of a wait and the total bill was 15 soles, roughly $5.33 u.s.

the antibiotics i needed, 6 soles, roughly $2.13 u.s.

wonder how much health care $7.46 would have gotten me back home…

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