color the family 2016.05.24

us at the end of a “color run”

good catch 2016.05.23

jafar and iago’s big number ends in this leaping catch

the show is over now and we’ll have to see what happens with the big hole that is left behind in its absence.

modern man 2016.05.19

until a year ago i had never owned my own cell phone.

until yesterday i had always used a charcoal grill.

but, after my charcoal grill became inoperable after more than ten years use i finally broke down and entered the world of gas grills.

it was supposed to be delivered yesterday assembled but they screwed that up and said i couldn’t have it until next week unless i wanted to assemble it myself. i was actually kind of geeked out to put it together so i had them deliver the grill unassembled and then like on christmas day i got to put together my new toy.

i was so excited after i put it together i ran to the store to get the liquid propane and some steaks and thirty minutes later i was enjoying barbequed steak. my charcoal grill would have still be preheating…

so to complete my entry in to the year 2016 – here is a picture i took with my cell phone of my dinner being prepared on a brand new gas grill.

gas grill steak - take 1

he’s in my class 2016.05.18

i could dedicate a good number of posts here to all the times ethan has been mistaken for a girl.

last night after the play, ethan overheard a classmate talking to her mother.

the mom said she thought the girl who played iago (ethan’s role) did very well. the daughter said “mom, iago was a boy”. the mother insisted that couldn’t be. the daughter responded “he’s in my class!”

then our friends who attended the play told me this – the woman i sat next to asked who i was there to see, i said “iago, ethan”. she looked at me for a long time and then asked “he’s a boy?” when i said yes she responded “they have certainly done amazing things with his hair” and i replied “no, that is his normal hair” she looked at me for a minute confused and then just turned away as if she had just been lobotomized.

aladdin reviewed 2016.05.17

ethan’s middle school play aladdin opened last night and was excellent. i’ll have to get a picture of him and post it later.

the crowd was equally entertaining as the parents commiserated with each other on the unique privileges of raising a drama kid.

these aren’t the parents of kids who are casually interested in theater, these are the parents with kids who have been performing and demanding an audience since they were born.

if you’ve got one of these kids you know what i’m talking about.

if you don’t, then let me just say there is a reason these kids are entertaining on stage and it is because all those dynamic ranges of emotion you see played out on stage have been rehearsed all their lives.

aladdin 2016.05.16

after months of rehearsals and practice, tonight is the opening show of ethan’s middle school play aladdin.

ethan almost didn’t try out for a part in the play as not many 6th graders make lead roles. but he landed iago and has been thrilled ever since.

the first time we saw ethan in a main part of a play i was surprised at how tense i was, then he crushed it and i haven’t been nervous since. now the only thing i fear is post-show depression when he isn’t hanging with his theater crew a few hours every day…

my guitar gently weeps 2016.04.29

an all star cast performs “while my guitar gently weeps” at the rock and roll hame of fame to celebrate the induction of george harrison, but one star is oh so much brighter than all the others. continuing the celebration of prince…

skip to 3:27 if all you want to see is prince stealing the show.

lord of the flies 2016.04.28
author: william golding

when folks talk about lord of the flies i have always liked to joke that i thought the story represented a base-case scenario for what would happen if a group of boys were marooned on a deserted island. having just finished it and maybe being a little more optimistic than i once was, i would like to think its possible there is a better possible outcome.

from the author:

“i don’t care what they call me,” he said confidentially, “so long as they don’t call me what they used to call me at school.”

ralph was faintly interested.

“What was that?”

the fat boy glanced over his shoulder, then leaned toward ralph.

he whispered.

“they used to call me ‘piggy.'”

ralph shrieked with laughter. he jumped up.

“piggy! piggy!”

broken glass 2016.04.27

you would think there was a war against wine glasses going on at our house given the rate at which they are destroyed.

the most recent casualty came saturday night when we were hosting a dinner party. natalie assured me the glass broke in the cabinet and there was no glass on the floor so we didn’t need to stop to clean anything up. half an hour later when i got a glass shard in the foot i disagreed.

i couldn’t immediately pull the glass from my foot and since we were finishing up dinner i pushed on hoping it would work itself out.

it didn’t work itself out on sunday, monday or even by tuesday when we had to go running with our youth running club.

so, we did a little home surgery on tuesday night and my foot is now glass free but recovery from the procedure.

i had thought to buy some new wine glasses to replace all those that have been lost, but on second thought i might be safer if there weren’t any wine glasses in the house at all.

hbo now 2016.04.26

i finally caved and subscribed to hbo now

if i had any second thoughts about my decision, they were immediately washed away after watching my first show – john oliver’s last week tonight. his main story was the financial crisis facing puerto rico and including a guest appearance by lin-manuel miranda (creator of hamilton) who rapped a plea to assist his homeland. crazy good as always (both oliver and miranda).

and there is still the season six premier of game of thrones to look forward to.

prince 2016.04.25

the world is a sadder place without prince.

even if i did not feel this personally, it would be nearly impossible not to notice as everyone else is expressing their sadness.

marked by neighbors i met walking down the street; discussed with my wife; a topic at this weekend’s dinner party; a minute of silence at the minnesota wild playoff hockey game…

time trials 2016.04.22

a friend took this picture of our youth running club starting time trials and presented it to me on a postcard – super cool.

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