leaf peeping 2014.10.31

a monster climb, ha!, of 867 feet to check out the fall colors from the highest point in our county.

the next killer app 2014.10.30

with all the talk of targeted ads and on-demand television, what i really want is to see the end of political ads after i’ve early voted.

i can think of no better incentive to vote early than the promise of stopping the ads…

be sexy 2014.10.29

so this is more than a year old, but that’s about how long it takes me to catch up with pop culture. i’ve never been a fan of chris (ashton) kutcher but this changes that…

progress 2014.10.28

as a child i had relatively low access to health care, but somehow all of that seemed superior to what is available today. yesterday, i actually got a flu shot in the grocery store and got a $5.00 coupon for groceries.

i’m looking forward to next year when i expect i’ll be able to fill up the car and get my teeth checked all at the gas station…

redacted 2014.10.27

[post redacted]

theory 387 2014.10.24

my friend who drove us to pisgah has a large collection of theories or expressions he likes to share. a couple of them have already stuck with me, the first was the title of my post on monday type-1 fun

there are three types of fun, type-1: fun while you’re doing it, fun to talk about afterwards; type-2: not so much fun to do, but fun to talk about afterwards; and type-3: no fun to do and no fun to talk about.

the second comes from the english (as in from england) equivalent of a darwin award – to die from misadventure.

this is now my favorite expression for anything gone awry, like attempting to update my computer to apple’s latest operating system – my yosemite misadventure

stop doing things i don’t ask for 2014.10.23

while we were out of town this weekend i stopped in to a combination bike shop coffee house. the coffee house looked interesting so i thought i would give them a go.

the coffee wasn’t much to write home about but the barista was. my favorite line –

“the high school teacher we went camping with now comes out to visit me here”

she must not know how that sounds to a father’s ears.

but while i was distracted by her scintillating stories the credit card reader popped up a note that said it had emailed me my receipt.

that’s interesting because i had never been to that coffee house, had never given their point of sale device my email address or told my credit card company i was interested in them sharing my details.

my fellow bikers must have thought i overreacted to this and other invasions of my privacy i cited because for the remainder of the trip everyone let me know when they had mobile geolocation running or thought of some tactic i could employ to stay off the grid…

day after friday

i’ve told people i’m “noun-challenged”

noun-challenged means you can’t remember the word for person, place or thing.

coincidentally, natalie also suffers from being noun-challenged. i don’t think this figured in to my attraction to her, but it certainly is something we have in common.

i was not aware being noun-challenged is hereditary, but listening to my daughter talk proves it is. over the weekend, instead of talking about saturday, she talked about “the day after friday”

yosemite misadventure 2014.10.22

yesterday’s post and more of my life than i was willing to share were consumed by the misadventure of attempting the “free” yosemite mac os x upgrade.

worse yet, i had been saying that i expected the yosemite upgrade was going to be to full of defects and include no measurably enhancing features.

but i have low resistance to update / upgrade alerts…

type-1 fun 2014.10.20

eight weeks ago i had never heard of brevard, pisgah or dupont. then in one week i heard about them twice from two different sources. one source included an invitation to join him on a trip there for a long weekend of mountain biking.

i’m not one for passing up an opportunity to try something new and fun.

an amazing weekend of mountain biking; great food; fabulous weather; fall colors and just the right amount of trash talk.

group shot at cedar rock

cedar rock trail

big rock trail

the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard 2014.10.13

i’m taking the week off from posting and a day off from work, no way i’m leaving any vacation days on the table…

root, root, root for the home team 2014.10.09

a sports commentator last week said something along the lines of “everything that makes baseball dull for one hundred and sixty two games becomes exciting in the postseason”

he was spot on.

and your team advancing to the nlcs – very exciting.

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