• Coincidentally got a raise the day before the “Day without Women” so I decided I’m going to donate that increase to a women’s charity
  • While biking today I saw a hawk swoop down to the creek, catch a snake and fly off with the snake in its talons
  • Played an online game with “goingtomarry”, asked if he was going to marry and he said “no, meant to enter “merry” but mistyped – that story made me merry
  • Been hating on tech a lot lately, but was sure happy to recover a file today with Time Machine
  • I had three progressively terrible customer service interactions; by the third I was laughing at everything the “Customer Service” representative said – she must have thought I was crazy
  • Mountain biked with Ethan until his poor choice of short sleeves and no gloves cut the ride short
  • Lots of yard work as everything has started to bloom already
  • Ethan got the part of the White Rabbit in his middle school’s performance of Alice in Wonderland
  • Dinner; homemade ice cream; and a movie (Moana) with the Adalsteinssons
  • Logan had Middle School orientation in the evening
  • Electricians roughed in the wiring – no one was electrocuted and nothing was set on fire so today was a good day on the renovation front
  • I used to think family businesses represented a tradition of quality, skill and expertise being passed from generation to generation, however lately whenever I encounter one I’m left feeling like this was the only job the kids could get…
  • Day 2 bathroom renovation included breaking a pipe that dumped copious amounts of water from the second floor to the first…
  • Changed the headlights in our 2003 Honda Accord and it was only somewhat stupid what was required
  • Enjoyed watching the UNC men’s basketball team beat Louisville
  • Logan made cupcakes at a friend’s house in celebration of President’s Day
    1. Clever excuse to make cupcakes
    2. They were the oiliest cupcakes I have ever had
    3. Her friend had rubber cupcake holders with fortunes written on the bottom, fortunes like “A balanced diet is a cupcake in each hand”