Logan’s countdown to Christmas that was hand posted on the refrigerator every day.

Her Christmas wish list contained an equal percentage of misspellings prompting her grandfather to gift her the game Scrabble.


On Christmas day she tried to convince us to restore the tradition of “Presents Day” (which would have meant new presents in 42 days)

After too many years Sandeep called and said “You’re a shitty friend. You never come to visit.”

He was right, so I went to London. But clearly he didn’t want me to feel bad, so he got stuck in traffic and left me waiting at the airport for a half an hour so the “shitty friend” mantle passed back to him.

This guy didn’t have to wait for his ride. As soon as he came out of baggage claim he locked face with his “friend” and didn’t separate for more than twenty minutes.

I know because at some point I looked at my watch wondering how long could this go on. Eleven minutes in I took this photo figuring they must be posing so it would only be polite to take their picture…

I planned a 4 mile run with Ethan on Thanksgiving Day so I knew I would earn this “Special Achievement” badge from Apple. It shouldn’t matter, but I wanted it.

As luck would have it, my watch stopped tracking a quarter mile in and I got no credit for 3.75 miles of the run.

So, I ran another 4 miles so I could have this meaningless award.