• Logan made cupcakes at a friend’s house in celebration of President’s Day
    1. Clever excuse to make cupcakes
    2. They were the oiliest cupcakes I have ever had
    3. Her friend had rubber cupcake holders with fortunes written on the bottom, fortunes like “A balanced diet is a cupcake in each hand”
  • Its never appropriate for your daughter to walk in the room when Bloodhound Gang is playing on the stereo but of course she does right as they sing “I am trying to think of words that rhyme with vagina”
  • Ethan and I ran (and kept running even when we had to scale a 165 foot hill)
  • I wondered when Ethan would start reading this regularly, found out today that it is going on now. Next question, when will he object to something I’ve posted?
  • Dinner at Akai Hana
  • Merfolk party at Tessa’s
  • Ethan wrote personal Valentine poems to his friends – I was impressed to see that he could say “I love you” on one card to express his affection (not romantic) to a friend, and on a lighter note another poem was “Roses are red, violets are blue, we have no dishes because of you” – maybe that friend has broken a dish or twelve…
  • “We might as well start summer break now if its going to be like this!” – Baxter’s take on days in February when its 80°F
  • Natalie was home on “Momless Monday Night”
  • 2pm Showing of the Little Mermaid
  • 6pm Showing of the Little Mermaid
  • Struck the set
  • Bruce and Leslie came for the matinee show as did Maria (who then brought flowers, cupcakes and a mini cake over later)
  • Pamela, Vala, Atli, Leigh and Thatcher came for the evening show